Plum 124 titles until 1957 and 67 between 1958 and 1996. These are the numbers, certainly faulty, of Wodehouse's italian success, as it results in the official bibliographic sources.
The great collection preserved in some private libraries in Bologna (the ones of the...two fanatic Wodehouse-promoters, with Mursia, of this site) witnesses that the success has been continous, with high peaks in 30's, 50's and from 80's on. Editors like Bietti (before and after the last War), Monanni (who boasted, before the war, to be trustee of the unic authorized italian edition), Elmo, were the protagonists in the two first phases. Recently we notice the interest of Mondadori, Rizzoli, Lucarini, Guanda, Tea and above all of the editor-house Mursia, which has also published critic and autobiographic works about Wodehouse. Among the translators, not all of the same skill, we have to name at least Silvio Spaventa Filippi, Alberto Tedeschi, Carlo Brera, Elena Spagnol, S. Agnati, M. Bodman, S. Bertola, L. Brioschi, G. Monicelli, A. Motti, R. Palazzi, O. Previtali, A.C. Trimarchi and many others. Among the italian estimators, whose witnesses will be preserved in the "They have written about him" section, can be named Oreste Del Buono and Lucio Villari, Giampaolo Dossena and Giorgio Manganelli, Guglielmo Zucconi and Guido Almansi, Fruttero and Lucentini and Franco Cavallone.

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